Benefits of Lightroom and Lightroom Presets

  • Lightroom can be found anywhere
  • Three benefits brought about by Lightroom
  • Lightroom make photoediting easier

Free or paid options for Lightroom presets can be found anywhere in the internet. Whether you go to torrent sites, or official websites of popular photographers, chances are you’ll find a downloadable Lightroom preset one way or another.


But what makes a Lightroom preset better than any other tools for photo editing? If we take time to answer that question, there would be too many points to be discussed, and so to narrow it down, we’ll discuss three of the most obvious and popular benefits brought about by Lightroom and  presets.

  1. You don’t have to work on a single Lightroom preset

Yes, that statement was  a little too vague, but true. In Lightroom you can select more than one Lightroom preset and import them to your work area. This may result to a couple of slide adjustments here and there, but it’ll also allow editors to play with their creativity.

  1. Lightroom presets are not perfect

There isn’t a single Lightroom preset that will look amazing in all photos. But also because it’s a preset, you can still edit a couple of slides according to the needs of the photo.

  1. Lightroom can save photos with poor angles

All photos that are horizontal in real life must also be straight horizontal in photos. But whoever you are, no matter how advanced your camera is, there will be times when horizontal lines wouldn’t align like how you would want it. Fortunately, with Lightroom, you don’t need to send those photos straight to the trash as it has features that can correct the lines in a photo.

Overall, Lightroom is a supersoftware that holds a lot of potentials for photographers. It allows you to play and get creative with photos without taking up too much time or effort. It is the perfect partner for every photographer who seeks to make magic even after they click the shutter.


Wedding Photography Secrets You Never Knew

  • Wedding Photography Secrets You Never Knew
  • Understand the fact that photography is photography.
  • Make sure to ask yourself if you’re capable of doing the job.

In this article, you will find significant wedding photography tips and tricks for photographers and at the same time give the couple a heads up about the whole photography concept.

Basically, I have been a wedding photographer for a long time, I still need to learn new things about photography. As what they say, learning is a process and with today’s modern technology updates, I need to cope up to meet my client’s expectations.


So, I decided to write up this article and share my learnings to those photographers who needed more guidance. Here are some photography guidelines to help you grow as a photographer.

First things first, you have to understand the fact that photography is photography. You decided to enter this profession because you love to capture random things. In addition, you should prepare yourself since photography is also expensive; you need to buy the most advanced post processing tool, third party workflow (e.g. adobe Lightroom wedding presets) and updated camera in the market for your photography business.

Before accepting wedding photography offers, make sure to ask yourself if you’re capable of doing the job well. As a photographer, we really want to make things right and we want to avoid photography mistakes as much as possible. Keep in mind that you are dealing with weddings, the most unforgettable and once in a lifetime moment for the couple. If you think that your experience is not enough, then you have to train yourself first and search for more helpful photography tutorials.

Wedding photography requires great skills and knowledge. Having a decent camera equipment is not enough, you are expected to always think outside the box since you are in-charge to capture moments of the entire wedding event.


Adobe Lightroom Presets Detailed Review

  • What are Lightroom Presets?
  • Lightroom preset is one of the best inventions of Adobe.
  • Lightroom presets have its own advantages and disadvantages.

What are Lightroom Presets?

If you’re into photography and photo editing, then you are fully aware about Adobe Lightroom and its presets. This is an exciting tool since it has the capability to help you speed up your editing workload process. With Lighroom, you can still do manual editing like in Photoshop; but I suggest you take the time to explore Lightroom presets or most commonly known as photo filters.

Lightroom Review

I have been using Adobe Lightroom for a while now, in fact, I am now using both Lightroom 6 licensed version and Lightroom CC 2015.Honestly, I love everything about Adobe Lightroom, especially its presets. Like most editing software in the industry, Lightroom presets have its own advantages and disadvantages.


Creating my own collection of presets was my favorite; I am able to express my creativity and skills in editing through presets. Aside from the fact that I can use and apply these presets to my images, I can also earn from it by sharing and uploading it to most photography workflow site.

However, I noticed that not all downloadable Lightroom presets available online are good; some of it contains badly developed presets. So a quick reminder to all of you, I suggest that you should carefully download third party presets. Check on the preview first, then decide if it’s worthy or not. I know of some sites that offers good presets: Sleeklens, Creative Market, and onOne Software.

Essentially, Lightroom preset is one of the best inventions of Adobe. It allows every photographer to balance their time between photography, photo editing, and personal life. Use Lightroom presets now for your images and enjoy consistent image outcome.


Learning the Different Styles of Landscape Photography

  • “Landscape photography shows spaces within the world”.
  • It is about capturing the scenic view of mountains.
  • There are three types and styles of landscape photography.

What is Landscape Photography?

As defined by Wikipedia, “Landscape photography shows spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature, but can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes.”

Normally, when we say “Landscape Photography”, it is about capturing the scenic view of mountains, trees and etc.. Animals and people are not present in the image unless the photographer decides to include them.


This article will talk about the different types of Landscape Photography.

Essentially, there are three types and styles of landscape photography. These are impressionistic, representational and abstract.

Impressionistic or Vague

This type of landscape photography is commonly known as unreal and less palpable because the photography employs a certain style that will make the image more vague, blurry and obscure. However, even if the quality is not as what we expected it to be, the subject and the value of landscape is present.

Representational or Realistic

This style is more realistic as the scenery and viewpoint are clearer, pure and real. Photographers uses special lenses and tools of capturing the subject. Often times, they use high-quality photoshop actions for landscape photography to make sure that they can have better and stunning landscape photograph. Representational or realistic landscape images are not simple shots, photographers add more details to it such as Lights, filters and actions.

Abstract or Nonfigurative

We all know what Abstract is; we also know that it is something unique and stylish. Abstract landscape style contains various components of nature and other special scenery. Photographers randomly choose images that relate to one another. Shapes, sizes and elements are unrecognizable in this style and you will have a hard time understanding the image.


Lightroom Presets: The Easy Way

  • Most professional photographers are so stressed in processing their images manually in Photoshop.
  • You can get either a free or paid presets, just make sure to check it before downloading.
  • Presets are more can be easily applied to one or more images in just a few clicks

Knowing that Adobe Lightroom is the most powerful post-processing program in today’s generation is like a huge relief to everyone. Why? Most professional photographers are so dead tired and stressed, processing their images manually in Photoshop. They needed a tool that will rescue them in these stressful episodes of their life as a photographer. Fortunately,  Adobe cared to listen to their needs and created the best Lightroom presets for photographers today, the feature that everyone have been waiting for.


Presets are more like ready-made images with adjustment settings that can be easily applied to one or more images in just a few clicks. Basically, if you have been using Lightroom, you’ll know that creating presets is just adding styles, effects and adjustment to a raw image. You also know that presets are reusable and modifiable, so in case that you want to adjust your presets, you can easily edit it out in Lightroom.

Personally, I have been using presets for a very long time and I’m loving it. I like creating collections of presets than sitting for longer hours just to modify one image in Photoshop. I don’t have against other Adobe software, I am just comfortable with how Lightroom works.

The downside of using downloadable presets for me is that, if you’re not the “preview first before download” person, you might get the worst preset collection. You can get either a free or paid presets, just make sure to check it before downloading.

Lastly, installing Lightroom presets is easy. All you need to do is just open the program, choose any image that you want to modify, click on the Develop tab on the Develop Module, click on the preset option and choose install. Select the best preset you’ve created or download and add it to your images. As simple as that, you’ll now have the best and high-quality preset outcome.


Three Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Lightroom

  • Adobe Lightroom preset is similar to image filters on most photography sites.
  • Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions are two different features
  • Lightroom is more convenient because of presets

Today, in this modern era, taking pictures is not enough, it is just the first step of the entire process of producing good and high-quality images. You need to modify your images using the best photo processing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to get an amazing and eye-catching image result. But among the two software, Adobe Lightroom is more convenient and easy because it contains several editing features called presets.

Lightroom preset overview:

Adobe Lightroom preset is similar to image filters that we see on most photography sites. It is a collection of images with modified settings and can be applied to one or more images in just a few clicks. It is also the best time-saving option to speed up the editing process. You can get more high-quality adobe Lightroom presets by Sleeklens on their site.


Difference between PS Actions and LR Presets

Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions are two different features. Most photographers prefer using either of these two because both features can help them with their editing workflows. However, Lightroom is known for being a non-destructive tool and is much easier than Photoshop.

Listed below are the three reasons why you should start using Lightroom presets. Also, please check out Matt’s tutorial on how to create a preset:

Very Easy to Navigate

Learning to use a new software can be stressful and time consuming. But with Lightroom, you don’t have to worry no more because Adobe specifically designed it to be convenient and simple. In addition, creating and applying presets will help you speed up the entire process of editing hundreds or even thousands of images.

Consistent Results

When you are dealing with tons of images, you can use Lightroom presets over and over again without worrying about the quality and outcome. Presets offer a consistent quality result and it preserves the original setting of your image.

Reusable and Modifiable

The good thing about Lightroom preset is that it is reusable and modifiable. You can make basic adjustments, add colors and other settings to an existing preset.


Of Lightroom Landscapes and Portraits  

The web is so full of it, a collection of Lightroom presets that you can use for landscapes and portraits.  These are, by far, the most popular presets that Lightroom enthusiast are using since it was first introduced as a premier photo enhancing app.

There are many reasons why they are so popular. Landscapes, if properly enhanced, can be viewed like that of a classical painting, while portraits, on the other hand, with appropriate enhancing, can be as good as an expensive portrait found only in museums and art galleries.


Lightroom brings to life certain fantasies that may not be possible with other ordinary photo apps. And mind you, these Lightroom presets that you can use for landscapes and portraits come in a variety of ways, including workflows and brushes, so you can have that ultimate photo enhancing experience.

But why Lightroom, in the first place? The answer to that lies in its collection of presets that covers all your photo-editing needs. You can create tons of effects for your photos; change even the mood of it (from vintage to infrared). That is how dynamic Lightroom is. It allows you to change, edit, enhance, and retouch your photos with so many combinations, from its layers to its texture, until you can have that desired look on your photo.

So if you are fond of taking landscape photos or has the habit of taking intimate portraits, then Lightroom is your total photo-enhancing companion. Its elegant presets for landscapes and sophisticated presets for its portraits enables you to present your photos on your website or page in a manner and style of a seasoned designer or photographer.

And these presets are free online. You can do the necessary editing anytime to improve the overall feel of your landscapes and enhance your look on that portrait.

It is as if you are a part of that landscape scene or that you are so close to that portrait image if you use Lightroom as your photo-enhancing tool. So lifelike are these images that it is more than just mere photography at times, like life imitating art.

So if you are in need of some lift for your landscapes and portraits, Lightroom will take care of it.  It enhances the scenic view and makes your face even brighter and beautiful on that photo.


Finding the Right Photo Editing Tool

Finding the right tools for your photo editing can be a daunting task. With so many photo-enhancing apps available on the web, you are at a loss at times trying to find that perfect tool for your photo images.

pre4That is no long a problem though if you have your Photoshop with you, particularly Photoshop actions. Photoshop is your photo enhancing solution of making your static images more engaging and interesting. And there are a lot of free Photoshop actions available online.

Posting images online through your website or social media page is more of a make or break thing. For one, most online viewers don’t normally read what’s written on a page or site, they would initially consider your images if they will read further or not. Second, posting stale photos discourages viewers right from the get-go. So it is important that you have the right tools for you to post quality pictures online.

And Photoshop takes care of that. With its free Photoshop actions, you can now choose the appropriate set for those static images on your photo. You can experiment in a variety of ways on how to intensify the mood and texture of your images, creating effects that would entice viewers to look for more.

Photoshop actions offer a more interactive feel for your photos, whether you are presenting it in retro form or in Technicolor, Photoshop can do wonders with just a single click.

And it is easy to use. You don’t need to worry anymore about navigating it or dealing with its editing menu because creating quality pictures is really just a click away.

Download these Photoshop actions now and let the enhancements begin. It comes in all shapes and sizes, black and white, summer and fall, all the effects you can think of.

It is the right photo-editing tool for your photos. With its tons of Photoshop actions in its collection, it is hard to imagine that there isn’t a single action for your photo image. Photo editing isn’t so daunting after all if you have these Photoshop actions with you.


Detailed Lightroom 6 and CC Review

Are you using Lightroom for your images? Then this article is for you as we had the chance to test and examine the latest versions of Lightroom.

1A few months ago, Adobe system has finally announced the release of Adobe Lightroom 6 and CC. It is the latest and updated version of Lightroom, one of the best editing tools in the market. Lightroom 6 and CC are actually the same, but CC can be purchased thru the creative cloud services while Lightroom 6 can be acquired when you pay a one time fee for the full licensed version.

One of the many advantages of Lightroom CC is that you can enjoy several and exciting benefits of Adobe’s creative cloud system which includes free version updates, online storage and free access to Lightroom mobile and web applications.

Essentially, Adobe Lightroom 6 is intended for people who don’t want to be stressed out with monthly billings. However, with Lightroom 6 as a different package, you can’t have a full free upgrade when Lightroom 7 comes out in the market.

So, what can we expect from it?

Lightroom is one of Adobe’s great professional action shot hd camera image editing tools which was designed for professional photographers to help them with their workload. Lightroom gets even better every product update and users should expect more from it.

Basically, Lightroom 6 contains several new added programs and the company decided to bring back the old import dialog to make LR users happy. But you still need the help of Adobe Photoshop for some thorough modification process or layer and masks manipulation. Lightroom 6 users can enjoy newly updated and advanced graduated and radial filters, adjustable brushes, and more Lightroom presets. (For free bundles of presets, you can see more at

With Lightroom 6 and CC, you can experience the best editing tools and features. So, if you want a huge change in your career, switch into Lightroom and make your editing experience enjoyable.


Three Useful Tips When Using Photoshop Actions

About Actions

Photoshop Develop Actions are actions that you utilize to store or save necessary adjustments and effects. This is by far the most useful type of actions for photographers. Unlike other photo editing sites and programs, Photoshop lets you do your own theme and styles to use on your images, thus helping you save a lot of time and effort. Adobe decided to include actions in Photoshop because they want to provide a new and simpler interface to professional photographers and other users who want to modify their images.


In this article, we will give you the three useful Photoshop action tip to help you with your images.

Use third party Photoshop actions as a guide

We all know what Photoshop and actions is, we also know how these things work. Photoshop actions are best appreciated when created, not downloaded, and acquired online. Third party actions are good, but it should only be used as a guide. You should not depend on the works of others unless it is much needed in your images.

Explore other types of actions

Actions have different types; Develop, import, export, watermark and more. These types of actions can work together as one, but if you’re not familiar with it, take the time to read more tutorials focusing on the different types of actions.

Always choose the best bundles of actions

If you’re an avid action collector, you know that downloading actions online is a gamble as there is a huge chance that you can get the lowest qualities of actions. To avoid getting those, it’s always best that you check the sample actions first before downloading the whole file.

These are just some of the best Photoshop tips, for more high-quality actions, you should visit and see more photoshop actions made by the Danish company Sleeklens.